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Frechette Eye Center's specialty is Primary Eye Care including glasses, contact lenses, and treatment and management of ocular disease including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. In addition to providing thorough eye examinations for children and adults, Frechette Eye Care is qualified to fit specialty contact lenses including astigmatism and multifocals and to take care of the special needs of senior citizens. Their experienced vision therapist provides vision therapy for conditions such as lazy eye, crossed or turning eyes and visually related learning problems. Because of the extensive training in primary eye care that their doctors have received, they are uniquely qualified to be a family's primary eye care specialists, as well as offer emergency eye care for infections or eye injuries.  

Frechette Eye Care's optical area offers many lines quality sunglasses, with or without prescription, as well as an extensive collection of eyeglass frames.


951 North Main Street
Franklin, IN 46131

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