Franklin Chamber Announces Capacity-Building Grant Program

Franklin Chamber of Commerce | July 21, 2023

The Franklin Chamber of Commerce, through the newly formed Franklin Chamber Foundation, is pleased to announce the launch of a capacity-building grant program for small businesses. This inaugural project of the Franklin Chamber Foundation will award 12 $2,500 grants to Franklin, Indiana small businesses.

“Small businesses play a crucial role in the economic and social development of a community. In Franklin, small business owners are friends and neighbors who are the backbone of our city. We are delighted to assist in strengthening these businesses that are so important to the fabric of our community and we are grateful for the funding of this pilot program from the Franklin Economic Development Commission," Rosie Chambers, Executive Director of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce shared.

Grant Applications will be available on June 20 and will be open through July 31. Small businesses of 10 or fewer full-time employees are encouraged to submit applications for the grants which may be used for initiatives such as expanding a physical space, online presence or marketing initiatives. Examples of capacity building are: user-friendly online shopping platforms, enhanced point of sale systems, updated websites, increased physical spaces and innovative marketing strategies.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Franklin Chamber Foundation Board of Directors and representatives from the Franklin Chamber of Commerce, Discover Downtown Franklin and the Franklin Economic Development Commission. Applications will be scored on longevity, impact, sustainability, community involvement, community support, innovation and completeness of the application.

Questions regarding the Capacity-Building Grants can be directed to or 317-736-6334.