Johnson County
Johnson County, Indiana was recently listed in the Top 8 Places “Where the Middle Class Thrives” by CNNMoney. With desirable amenities, natural beauty and a location in the Hoosier heartland, Johnson County is a growing community comprised of quiet towns, beautiful residential neighborhoods, a diverse business sector, and a strong agribusiness base. Private colleges and major state university campuses are located within minutes of most county residents. Local health care is supported by state-of-the-art facilities in the county, and one of the nation’s largest medical centers is minutes away in downtown Indianapolis.

Business Development
We are recognized as a competitive business location. Sharing our northern county line with Indianapolis and its extensive interstate highway network, business and industry have easy access to markets throughout North America. The area’s surface transportation system includes seven interstates, and a dozen federal and state highways radiating to all points on the compass. In addition to its favorable transportation network, Johnson County can provide businesses with a well-educated labor force, affordable housing, and “business friendly” tax rates.

Downtown Franklin
Franklin, Indiana, is located in the heart of Johnson County just 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. With a population of roughly 24,000, we are home to the County Courthouse. Our downtown boasts traditional main street shops, coffeehouses and restaurants, and the outstanding academic institution of Franklin College. Franklin is a city on the move with a pro-business attitude that attracts companies from all around the world. Located immediately south of the state capital, Franklin is a great place to call home.

Learn more about downtown and efforts to bring about economic, cultural and social transformation of downtown Franklin from Discover Downtown Franklin.

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