The Historic Artcraft Theatre/Franklin Heritage, Inc.

Franklin Heritage, Inc. is a local, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to improve the community by promoting reinvestment and housing opportunities through the purchase, stabilization, development and resale of historic properties.

Franklin Heritage, Inc. owns and operates The Historic Artcraft Theatre. Built in 1922 as a silent movie theater and Vaudeville house, The Artcraft Theatre was built complete with an orchestra pit and full stage with dressing rooms below. It was renovated in 1936 when Trueman Rembusch purchased the building and again in 1948 when the classic Art Deco streamlining and neon were added. The Artcraft Theatre remains one of the most intact Art Deco movie houses in central Indiana and is listed on the Indiana State Register of Historic Places.

Mission Statement: The Historic Artcraft Theatre provides quality entertainment for the community, while preserving the historic structure for generations to enjoy.

Website: The Historic Artcraft Theatre/Franklin Heritage, Inc.

Contact: Rob Shilts

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Member Since: 1997

Phone: 317-736-6823

Fax: 317-736-4823

Address: 57 N Main Street
Franklin, IN 46131

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