Indiana Chamber Executives Association

ICEA is the only professional association for staff leaders that are employed by local chambers of commerce in Indiana. Membership also includes key volunteer leaders of smaller chambers that don't yet have paid staff, as well as for-profit business partners that provide useful and valuable products and services for chambers and their business member-investors.

Incorporated in 1915, ICEA stands firm on a solid foundation for developing a strong network of professionals leading local chambers across Indiana. ICEA continues to play a significant role in the growth and development of chamber of commerce professionals, including management assistance for new chamber executives and other staff. Over the years, membership has become synonymous with access to a network of experienced chamber executives with exposure to emerging trends and usable ideas on every facet of chamber of commerce management..

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Contact: Shelli Williams

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Member Since: 2013

Phone: 812-871-3000

Fax: 812-265-9488

Address: PO Box 377
Hanover, IN 47243

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