Office Manager

Office Manager

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Franklin
Employer: City of Franklin

Job Objectives:

Individual performs a variety of office responsibilities in support of Department operations. Individual assists in preparing and tracking of Department budget, maintaining an electronic data base of invoices, claims and other expenditures related to Department budget that will enable critical analyze of same. Individual serves as initial contact with general public answering inquiries or directing those individuals in the appropriate direction. Individual serves as dispatcher for the Department.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Individual is responsible for processing Department invoices and claims to include updating budget records using Excel program to ensure accuracy of data.
  • Individual is responsible for managing digital work flow system, will monitor and maintain active database of citizen calls and assigned work flow.
  • Individual is responsible for maintaining electronic time cards and records on Department employees required by DOT.
  • Individual is responsible for answering department phones, responding to caller’s inquiries and/or directing caller to appropriate Department personnel.
  • Individual is responsible for responding and/or mailing Department correspondence using a Microsoft Office programs.
  • Individual is responsible for maintaining contact with Department personnel and vehicles in the field via two-way radio system.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Individual is responsible for working with Department crews providing support to city programs.
  • Individual is responsible for ordering and tracking of supplies for the Department concrete repair, painting/striping and sign maintenance program.
  • Individual receives & schedules emergency responses to resident inquiries.
  • Individual performs other related duties as assigned related to the overall operation of the Street Department.
  • Individual is responsible for assisting Street Maintenance Supervisor or Crew Leader in directing and scheduling of the appropriate equipment and personnel to performed required work.

Equipment Knowledge:

  • Individual must have the ability to efficiently operate office machines such as but not limited to computer.
  • Individual must have the ability to operate light duty department equipment/vehicles.

Critical Skills/Expertise:

  • Individual must have excellent computer and digital skill set, majority of work will require the use of current and modern technologies.
  • Individual must have specialized knowledge of City Ordinances, Departmental policies, procedures, work methods, State laws & regulations, adheres to all and the ability to explain and support them.
  • Individual must have specialized knowledge of and ability to apply City procedures for maintaining payroll and financial records.
  • Individual must have the ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally to effectively deal with private sector individuals and internal personnel.
  • Individual must have the ability to complete all work responsibilities in a safe manner using/following established safety procedures.
  • Individual must have the ability to follow established office procedures used in processing telephone calls (internal/external), correspondence and maintaining Department/City records.

Educational Requirements:

  • Individual must have a high school diploma or GED, plus related work experience.
  • Individual must possess a valid driver’s license.

Reporting Responsibility:

  • Individual reports directly to the Street Commissioner and/or her/his designee.

Working Relationships:

  • Individual must interact with Departmental personnel, private sector contractors, their employees, the general public and other City workers in a professional manner assisting them in checking records, providing services as required and supporting their work efforts.

Job Location:

  • Individual’s primary work location is inside the Department’s facility with protection from weather conditions, but with varying noise levels and temperature changes. The individual may also be required to work outside which may expose her/him to loud noises, vibrations and extreme weather conditions.

Safety Equipment:

  • The individual is required to wear all appropriate safety equipment required of task being performed such as but not limited to hard hat, safety glasses and steel toed safety boots.