Licensed Plumber

Licensed Plumber

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Franklin
Employer: Johnson Heating and Cooling

Johnson Heating and Cooling Inc is currently looking for a full-time Licensed Journeyman Plumber to start immediately.

The 5 things that drive every Journeyman Plumbers Crazy

1. Not getting paid what your worth

2. Crazy on call rotations that completely invade our family time

3. Not enough hours

4. Not enough good training

5. No clear path on how to transition out of the field as the body wears out

You and I both know this industry can be tough. So why do you do it? Because you can master a skill that truly makes a difference in people’s lives by doing it right the first time. You get to sign those pipes like an artist signs a painting and your diagnostic skills are only rivaled by that of a heart surgeon. One of life’s greatest journeys is to become a master at something.

What if you could keep the things you love about the plumbing trade and lose the things you hate?

I can’t tell you I have solved every challenge in our trade but here is what I can offer you:
•· Journeyman techs can make $30 per hour plus a generous commission
•· 40-50 hours a week year round, no wondering about the next check
•· Fortune 500 Benefits: Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, IRA
•· PAID vacation
•· A structured on-call rotation where you get to be with your family and live life
•· Work with a growing company, with the future possibility of getting out of your truck

Here is my problem and how you can help…
•I have cracked the code on getting young people to enter our trade. I’m NOT talking the “entitled, no work ethic, can’t hardly trust them to get you the right tool, always complaining about everything, thinks that we should work bankers hours” kind of guys.
•Pardon the pun, but I have a pipeline of hard working young men that want to show up for work, want to create and provide for their family, want to take responsibility for doing great work and most of all they are hungry to learn the trade.
•This is where I need your help. We are growing faster than what we can train. We have a 4 year top notch apprenticeship program and for us to continue adding young men I need to bring on 3 additional top level best of the best journeyman plumbers.
•You may be very happily employed. I certainly understand that. In fact, I like that you’re employed. It means that you do a great job and are valued by your company. However, I’m convinced that I can make you even happier… and I want you to consider working for Johnson-Kellie.

•Assemble and install plumbing systems
•Troubleshoot and repair pipe and pipeline systems
•Review blueprints and building codes to determine optimal work procedures
•Maintain and repair septic and commercial sewer systems
•Prepare written work cost estimates for clients
•Adhere to safety policies and procedures

•Previous experience in plumbing, maintenance, or other related field
•Ability to read blueprints and schematics
•Ability to handle physical workload
•Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills