Production Associate

Production Associate

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Franklin
Employer: Indiana Hydraulic Equipment Company

Preferred Skills:

Ability to use hand tools, dexterity to assemble small parts, prior experience is assembly of components, ability to grasp assembly technics (proper part in proper order), ability to learn multiple assembly operations, team commitment and comprehension of quality.

The candidate must possess good communication skills and be safety conscious.


Primary duties are to sub-assemble, main assemble, inspect, paint, harness, kit and calibrate assembly equipment.

All duties and responsibilities are to be done in a Safe Manner at all times.

•    Learn and work in sub-assembly operations area as needed – casting and components
•    Learn and work in kitting area as needed – all stations
•    Learn and work as an oil control valve (OCV) builder
•    Learn the inspection and oil drain process
•    Learn and operate paint area
•    Learn final harness area
•    Good attendance is required.
•    Knowledge of the Metric system a plus.
•    Must be able to lift 45 pounds
•    Must be able to be on your feet a minimum 8 hours a day
•    Ability to work in a constant state of alertness
•    Follow the companies Environmental Commitments
•    Other duties as required