Are You Deploying Talent Strategically?

Posted by: Dr. Carolyn Goerner on Friday, June 25, 2021 at 12:00:00 am

Are You Deploying Talent Strategically?

The smart folks at McKinsey & Co. recently introduced me to a new concept: 

Rapid Talent Allocation (RTA).

It’s the ability of an organization to deploy and re-assign people quickly to ensure that top talent is focused on strategic priorities. McKinsey’s research confirmed this is correlated with competitive advantage – companies with nimble talent allocation systems capitalized on new opportunities faster and were more responsive to market changes.

McKinsey’s research identified best practices for companies wishing to adopt RTA. I summarize them as:

  • Have a robust understanding (and inventory) of the skills and competencies in your workforce
  • Consider talent strategically – hire and promote based on workers’ demonstration of valued skills 
  • Develop people as specialized consultants who move from team to team when their talents are needed

This turns a lot of traditional, Baby-Boomer held management assumptions upside down – including some principles I learned early in my own career such as:

  • Promote on seniority
  • Prize consistency – use training and development to ensure everyone in the firm has the same general skills and abilities

Times have changed. And I’m delighted. Traditional ways of thinking about a company’s human resources aren’t going to work in a fast-changing world that demands quick responses to customers and multi-tasking.

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