Community Working Together

Posted by: Discover Downtown Franklin on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 12:00:00 am

Community Working Together

Being a part of a community ignites so much personal happiness, don’t you think? It could be any size community – your family; your church or sports team. But there is something extra special about being within a community that encompasses an entire town. There are tiered levels of collaboration in Franklin, Indiana – a place where people care. Citizens communicate with other citizens, who shop and eat at brick-and-mortar shops and restaurants, who work alongside city and nonprofit entities.

That is how authenticity is preserved. Community leaders of years past recognized the intricacies that constitute Franklin, and they set about maintaining the historic architecture as well as inviting the merchant sector to create an atmosphere of their own. Local business owners, residing in the same storefronts that decorate history pages from a century prior, working in mutualistic symbiosis with the “party-throwers”, if you will. Discover Downtown Franklin, the Franklin Chamber of Commerce, the City of Franklin, and more hosting events to draw in patrons to dine and explore. And vice versa – the restuarants and shops bringing in customers who are then immersed in the glittering festival lights.

Through darkness and light, the elaborate web of connection stays attached. The COVID-19 pandemic is a storm that has raged for over a year, and defines an era where all could have been lost; where the foundation could have crumbled. But Franklin banded together, the nonprofits, the City of Franklin, and individual community members, hoping to offer reprieve from the storm to resilient businesswomen and men.  It displayed the very comradery that makes this town a treasured place. 

That is where we stand today. A community; a cheerful ecosystem that adjusts to the times while maintaining a true identity. In short - Franklin is home.

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