Engaged Employees = Better Customer Service

Posted by: Dr. Carolyn Goerner on Monday, March 22, 2021 at 12:00:00 am

Engaged Employees = Better Customer Service

Every time you take an order, deliver an item, or respond to a complaint, your company’s reputation is on the line.  So what can you do to ensure your employees delight your customers?

The answer lies in engaging your employees. When workers are satisfied with their managers and jobs, they’re better representatives of your organization.

 Studies confirm two main reasons for this relationship.  First, engaged employees are more likely in a good mood at work.  It’s easier for them be friendly and helpful.  Second, satisfied employees are less likely to quit. An experienced and knowledgeable workforce serves your customers better.

 Wegmans Food Markets took this to heart.  Their motto: “Employees first, customers second.”  This east coast grocery chain, with about 33,000 employees, goes out of its way to ensure workers feel welcomed and valued.  The result?  Their industry’s highest marks for customer loyalty, coupled with lowest levels of employee turnover.

 So how do you build employee satisfaction?  Remember these key tips:

1-Treat employees fairly.  Organizations that support the well-being of their workers enjoy higher levels of loyalty in return.

2-Make sure employees know the whole organization and their role in it.  This helps workers identify with the organization.  It is hard to feel part of a company you don’t fully understand.

3-Involve employees in decision making.  Even if you can’t act on all employee suggestions, asking for and listening to them is an important first step.


Employees are your front line for customer service.  The happier they are, the better they treat customers…and the more loyal your customers are to you. 

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