5 Key Places To Being Found Online

Posted by: Ian McGriff, digital AIM Media on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 6:30:00 pm

5 Key Places To Being Found Online

Being found in an instant is vitally important for the health and growth of your business. If prospective customers can’t find you, they don’t do business with you.

I drive down the street and see your store front and wonder what you do. I Google the name, but nothing comes up. My conclusion: you are out of business or aren’t open yet. Doesn’t matter the reality, the perception is that you don’t do business right now. And when else is it important to do business but right now? I am looking for you, right?

I’m also not going to look at more than the first page of Google…because no one looks past the first page of a Google search. So, then I’m done with your business.

People searching online interact with a business within five miles or five hours of that search. If they are within five miles, they’re most likely to travel there. If they aren’t within five miles, they will do more investigation within the next five hours. That is, if they can find you.

Here are five things that you can do today to make sure your business is found online.

  1. Google My Business. Google is king in the search world. Bing just doesn’t cut it.  Make sure you have claimed your Google+ Account and that your businesses information is completely accurate and up to date. Your business map will show for local results if you have done this. Your address, phone, hours, etc. will all be shown right at the top of the page. This helps answer the five miles challenge of search.
  1. Website. I’m not even sure I have to put this down, but I will. Not only do you need a website, but you need a responsive website that is up to date. Google gives businesses more search authority when they have a website that is mobile friendly. Mobile search has grown to about 80% of all searched and if you website is not responsive, you won’t be found. Remember the scenario we walked through earlier? I drive down the street and do a search. That’s mobile. You better be there when the customer is looking. 
  1. Facebook Page. Another no brainer, but I felt like I had to put this down as well. Mostly because businesses can ignore Facebook. How can you ignore Facebook? It’s the largest social network on the planet. The only site that has more daily traffic is Amazon. Facebook isn’t going anywhere and it’s still one of the top places people look to learn more about your business. It also comes up in a Google search as a result of your business. If you haven’t updated your Facebook page in 6 months, it looks like you’ve been out of business for six months.
  1. YouTube Page. Video is one of the best ways to get attention. That’s why Facebook Live is going to continue to be such a big deal. If your company doesn’t have a YouTube page or doesn’t use video marketing it’s time to do something about it. You can hire someone or grab a vendor that will help you create video content about your business. Bottom line, you need video. It’s a quick easy way to be found online. YouTube is the 3rd most popular site after Amazon and Facebook. Anyone can upload information and doing it consistently will help build your brand and engage prospective customers. Video isn’t going away. It will only grow. Are you going to grow with it? 
  1. “Other” Social Page. What “other” social page makes the most sense for your business? Instagram? Pinterest? Tumblr? Medium? Twitter? I can’t tell you without talking to you in more detail about your business. The thing I do know is that there is a 2nd social platform that makes the most sense for you. Find it and push content out there continuously. If you’re in retail, make it Instagram or Pinterest. If you’re in sales, make it Twitter and Medium. If you’re in Insurance make it Tumblr and Medium. If you’re in tourism make it Instagram and Medium. Why? Do your homework and look into these more. The point is that you want to find a platform that your prospects are most likely to be located. Just don’t get on Twitter because you think you should. Get on Twitter because it makes the most amount of sense to grow your brand to the right people. What “other” social page do you need to be and grow?

Each business is unique, yes. But not so unique that the key five places to be found are consistent. Be where the customers want to and will find you. Make it easier on them and they’ll reward you with dollars and attention. That’s what really matters, dollars and attention. 

This article was provided, courtesy of Ian McGriff, digital AIM Media.

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