Leadership…Now more than ever

Posted by: Tandy Shuck, Leadership Johnson County on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

Leadership…Now more than ever

For nearly 20 years I've been intrigued by the leadership education that is occurring on the Franklin College campus. I began teaching a leadership class for a group of student leaders in 1996 and helped develop the campus's First Year Experience Program. Wanting to further my own leadership development, I completed the Leadership Johnson County program in 2001. Desiring to focus on the aspect of my career that I had become most passionate about, I moved to the Leadership Department in August of 2001 where I enjoy facilitating and empowering others in their quest for leadership training. 

Below are 15 reasons why leadership training is needed now more than ever.

1)     You can’t outsource leadership.

2)     Today’s leaders must work with people from diverse backgrounds.

3)     Great leaders know as much about what is happening in their communities as they know about what is happening in their own organizations.

4)     Leaders need to know how to be excellent communicators. They need to know how to listen and how to communicate both in written format and verbally.

5)     Effective leaders plan their work and work their plan.

6)     Leaders need to know how to lead, when to follow and how to work as a team member.

7)     Skilled leaders know the dynamics and impact of economic development in their communities.

8)     Leaders need to know where they have been before they can fully determine where they are headed. History is important in creating a vision.

9)     Good supervisory leadership enhances employee productivity and satisfaction.

10)  Leadership is about creating influence by building relationships that inspire trust.

11)  Great leaders possess decision making skills and are self-confident in exercising those skills.

12)  Leaders utilize networking to its fullest potential.

13)  Great things don’t just happen; they are led by effective visions well communicated and well executed.

14)  Successful leaders understand the inevitability of change and are prepared to lead change.

15)  Skilled leaders know the importance of collaboration and the techniques to make it work.

For 20 years Leadership Johnson County (LJC) has been training leaders who know and utilize leadership best practices. For more information about the leadership training available at Leadership Johnson County please contact me, Tandy Shuck, Executive Director, at (317) 738-8264 or tshuck@franklincollege.edu.

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